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Meet Munene

Munene is an SEO consultant with a knack for helping startups to plug SEO into their marketing playbook and drive business growth.

He stumbled upon SEO by chance while in college when he began copywriting and ended up getting clients who wanted content for their new SEO agencies.

Having spent months writing about intriguing SEO concepts, he decided to set aside his psychology degree and take a shot at applying the concepts he had learned to help businesses unlock the full potential of organic search traffic.

He is currently doing this at scale over at Impact Africa Network, a startup studio based in Kenya, where he helps budding entrepreneurs to develop and implement SEO strategies and launch SEO-friendly websites.

He's also part of the FCDC Tech SEO training with Aleyda Solis, where he is sharpening his SEO skills to become a better resource for his clients.

When he is not geeking out on SEO, you'll find him binging on comedy shows, swimming or enjoying a pool game.

Chat with Munene

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Yap, that's me!


Twitter and LinkedIn are his go-to social media channels so go ahead and follow him, drop a DM to say hi or ask anything SEO related. He's always happy to help out.

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